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The Daniel Baugh Institute for Functional Genomics/Computational Biology has been established in the Department of Pathology, Anatomy and Cell Biology, Thomas Jefferson University, to provide an interdisciplinary base for research and education in these rapidly emerging fields. Research interests of the group center on the development and use of quantitative system-wide "omic" datasets towards integrative modeling and computational analysis of the dynamics of biological systems.


Our focus is the development of mammalian systems biology e.g. for the study of EGF signaling, alcohol effects (e.g. on the liver and brain; in addiction and withdrawal), neuronal adaptive mechanisms using the cycling behavior of the SCN as a substrate and dysfunction of cardio-respiratory regulation. In order to study intra- and inter-cellular dynamics we develop genomic and other "omic" technologies to acquire datasets suitable for analyses that identify variables and relationships that provide a basis for modeling and simulation of cellular dynamics. We develop bioinformatics tools to improve our ability to derive networks, pathways and relationships subserving cellular processes. We bring principles of control and systems theory as well as probabilistic/statistical techniques to bear on the analysis of biological processes.

We consider our research activities in the context of a two-dimensional matrix in which one axis is the level of biological analysis (e.g. transcripts, proteins, metabolites, networks-pathways, cells and systems) and the other consists of matched computational tools and approaches. Our aim is to be able to move seamlessly within this matrix in the study of particular biological problems and systems, developing a predictive understanding of disease mechanisms such as dysfunction of cardio-respiratory regulation and alcohol's effect on the liver and brain.



We seek funding as an Institute for interdisciplinary team oriented projects. Among present funding, of this type are DARPA BioCOMP, BISTI and an NIAAA IRPG.

CBAT Seminars Series
Posted by Administrator on Aug 16 '07, 02:49PM
Check out the CBAT Seminar series page for more details on the upcoming special CBAT Seminar titled "CBAT away for the Summer", by To Be Determined, scheduled Aug 1 '07, 03:00PM.

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