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University of Delaware
  1. MrSIM simulation tool
  2. eQuery 1.0, a "metabolism-centric" data visualization and analysis package
  3. ArrayClean 1.0, an application which facilitates array data quantitation for background subtraction, normalization, comparison and visualization of transcript profile data and metabolite profile data and ArrayView 1.0, a simple data visualization tool with in house and www database-access capabilities for pathway reconstruction
  4. GeneDiscoveryAnalyzer, a graphical representation of sequence novelty and of various sequence associations with other data
  5. Selected internal tool developments in clustering, contig. assembly, sequence similarity studies, data mining and visualization of gene sequence data, including development of advanced gene discovery tools to push identities around pathway maps.
  6. CloneUpdate, the easiest way to update your clones.
  7. P.A.I.N.T - Promoter Analysis and Interaction Network Tool

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